In this article, You will know the Most Important Topics for Geography for UPSC.

Important Topics for Geography

The geography topics are very important because geography is a science-based subject and various candidates found it difficult to prepare. There are a good number of questions from the physical geography of India and the world. World geography has very fewer questions in the IAS question paper. The important topics are as follows.

1Origin and evolution of the earth
4Continental drift theory
5Plate tectonics
6Types of Landforms
7Soil formation 
8Solar radiation & Heat budget of the earth
9Atmospheric circulation – cyclones, westerlies, jet streams
10Evaporation, condensation and precipitation
11World climate and climate change
12Relief of the oceans
13Temperature and salinity distribution in the ocean.
14Types of ocean current
16Biodiversity and conservation
17Physiography of India – mountains, hills, plateau, plains etc.
18The drainage system of India
19The climate of India – Indian monsoon
20Natural vegetation and soils of India – National parks, biosphere reserves, mangroves etc.
21Natural disasters- floods, droughts, landslides, cyclones, earthquakes, Tsunami.
22Indian agriculture and types
23Coral reefs

Some geographical concepts which we regularly see in current affairs:

1El- Nino 
3Indian Ocean dipole
4Madden Julian oscillations
5Polar vortex
6Pacific decadal oscillations
8Sunspot cycles
9Forest fire 
10Tribes of the world and India
11Heat islands
12Seismic noise 
13Environmental impact assessment
14Ring of fire
15Wetlands and their conservation
16Distribution of wildlife and their conservation
17Places in News
18Mountain passes and lakes (part of the physiography of India)
19Major straits of the world
20Major water bodies – Mediterranean sea, Caspian sea, black sea, etc. (part of oceanography)
21Population and related issues 
22Minerals and their distribution
23International trade
24Energy resources and crisis
25Industrial setup
26Transport and communication
27Water conservation
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Julie Hansda

why dont u have notes on all the topics.u have it only for few of them