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Exclusive Mentorship Programme for Geography Prelims, Mains and Geography Optional UPSC.


In this section we will read about the core of geography i.e. Geomorphology , Climatology , Oceanography, Bio-geography, and Environmental Geography.


In this section we will read about the most important section of geography optional subject i.e. Perspectives in Human Geography, and Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography.

We will also read about other topics of human geography i.e. Economic Geography, Population and Settlement Geography, and  Regional Planning.


This section is part of geography optional Paper-2. In this section, we will read about Physical Setting, Resources, Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Communication and Trade, Cultural Setting, Settlements, Regional Development and Planning, Political Aspects, Contemporary Issues.

In this paper, You can score very good marks if you understand the ‘art of answer writing’ as per optional demand which is different from GS answer writing.

Must Read Articles for Geography Optional

Always on Track

Know, which things to avoid in your preparation and what is right strategy to crack UPSC IAS Exam.

How to Approach

Comprehensive guide: why to choose geography optional and how to prepare geography optional.

Complete Notes PDF

Read and download complete geography optional notes and study materials PDF.

Answer Writing tips

Know, how to write best answer in geography optional and how it is different from GS answers.

Micro Topics Analysis

See your geography optional syllabus and browse micro-topics in your books.

Question Bank

Get complete previous year questions and also some new questions for your answer writing practice.