National Parks in Meghalaya

Meghalaya National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries Map
Meghalaya National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries Map

Balphakram National Park

  • Balphakram National Park is located south of Garo Hills in Meghalaya, close to Indo-Bangladesh border.
    • Balpakram means “land of the eternal wind” according to the myth of the Garo people.
  • Its vegetation consists of subtropical, grassland, bamboo forest, tropical deciduous trees and carnivorous plants like the pitcher-plant and Drosera.
  • Major Fauna: Barking deer, Asian golden cat, tiger, marbled cat, wild water buffalo, red panda, elephant.
  • One of the prominent rivers in the vicinity of the national park is the Simsang River (Goneshwari River or Someshwari River)

Nokrek National Park

  • Nokrek National Park is located close to Tura Peak in West Garo Hills. It forms the core area of the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve.
    • The park is named after the Nokrek Range, which is a prominent hill range within its boundaries.
    • The Nokrek Range is part of the larger Garo Hills, which are a series of hills and plateaus that extend across the western part of Meghalaya. 
  • The Nokrek region is also an Important Bird Area.
  • All important river of Garo Hills region rise from the Nokrek Range, of which the Simsang River (known as Someshwari in Bangladesh) is most prominent.
  • Vegetation: Evergreen, semi-evergreen and deciduous.
  • Major Fauna: Red panda, Asian elephant, stump-tailed macaque, pig-tailed macaque, hoolock gibbon.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Meghalaya

Baghmara Pitcher Plant Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The Baghmara Pitcher Plant Sanctuary is located in the South Garo Hills District of Meghalaya, on the banks of Someshwari River that divides the Garo Hills into two parts.
  • This wildlife sanctuary is a protected area for pitcher plants.
  • This sanctuary is known for its population of the endangered pitcher plant species Nepenthes khasiana, locally known Me’mang-Koksi or ghost basket.
  • Baghmara Pitcher Plant Sanctuary is the only Sanctuary in Meghalaya where in-situ conservation of Pitcher Plant is being carried out.

Narpuh Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The Narpuh Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the East Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya.
  • The Sanctuary is home to many Schedule I species such as Hoolock gibbon, Serow, Slow loris, Pied Horn bill, Leopard etc.

Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya.
  • The sanctuary is situated within the Eastern Himalayan Global Biodiversity Hotspot.
  • The Umtrew River marks the western boundary of the Reserve Forest and the Sanctuary.

Siju Bird Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The oldest and the first Wildlife Sanctuary of Meghalaya situated in the South Garo Hills district of Meghalaya
  • Siju Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near the Simsang River, which is the longest river of Meghalaya. The Simsang River flows along the western edge of the sanctuary.

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