• Atapaka Bird Sanctuary, situated on the Kolleru Lake in the Indian state Andhra Pradesh, is the home to a vast repertoire of birds.
  • It is especially known for sheltering Pelicans.
  • It spans over an area of 673 square kilometres with wet land marsh habitat extending across two districts namely West Godavari and Krishna.
  • Atapaka Bird Sanctuary falls under Kaikalur forest range.
  • The sanctuary was established with the aim of safeguarding the diverse birdlife that thrives in the wetlands surrounding the lake.
  • It was officially declared as a sanctuary in the year 1999 by the Andhra Pradesh government.
  • Flora at Atapaka Bird Sanctuary
    • Avicennia Marina: Known as the white mangrove, this species dominates the mangrove forests within the sanctuary.
    • Rhizophora Mucronata: The red mangrove, with its characteristic stilt roots, creates a fascinating visual spectacle.
    • Ceriops Decandra: This mangrove species adds to the biodiversity of the region, thriving in brackish water habitats.
  • Fauna at Atapaka Bird Sanctuary
    • Spot-billed Pelican
    • Open-billed Stork
    • Painted Stork
    • White Ibis
    • Asian Openbill Stork
    • Grey Heron
    • Little Cormorant
    • Black-Crowned Night Heron
    • Eurasian Spoonbill, etc.

Kolleru Lake

  • Kolleru lake is located between the deltas of the Krishna and Godavari rivers in Andhra Pradesh.
    • The lake serves as a natural flood-balancing reservoir for the two rivers.
  • It is an important habitat for an estimated 20 million residents and migratory birds like Grey or Spot-billed pelicans.
  • It was notified as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1999 under India’s Wild Life Protection Act,1972.
  • It was declared a wetland of international importance in 2002 under Ramsar convention.

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