Important Mountain Peaks in India

Highest Mountain Peaks in India

Mountain PeakHeightDescription
K28611 metresThe highest peak in the Indian subcontinent lies between Baltistan and Xinjiang.
It is the highest peak in the Karakoram
Kangchenjunga8586 metresThe third highest summit in the World.
Also known as the ‘five treasures of snow.
Lies in Himalayan Mountain Range
Nanda Devi7816 metresRanked the 23rd highest peak across the world.
The Nanda Devi National Prak, located in the vicinity to the peak, consists of the best high-altitude flora and fauna.
This is the highest peak located entirely within India.
It is a part of Himalayan mountain ranges (Garhwal)
Kamet7756 metresIt is located near the Tibetan Plateau.
It is located in the Garhwal region
Saltoro Kangri7742 metresIt is located near the Siachen Region.
The Saltoro Kangri is ranked the 31st highest independent peak in the world.
It lies in the Saltoro range (a part of the Karakoram Mountain range)
Saser Kangri7672 metresLocated in Ladakh. 
This mountain peak is the 35th highest mountain peak in the world.
It lies in the Saser Muztagh range (an easternmost subrange of Karakoram Range.)
Mamostong Kangri/Mamostang Kangri7516 metresIt is located near Siachen Glacier.
It is the 48th independent peak in India.
It is the highest peak of the Rimo Muztagh range (a subrange of the Karakoram range)
Rimo I7385 metresThe Rimo I is a part of Rimo Muztagh, a subrange of Great Karakoram range.
It is the 71st highest peak in the world.
Hardeol7151 metresThis peak is also known as the ‘Temple of God’.
It is one of the oldest summits in the Kumaon Himalaya
Chaukhamba I7138 metresIt is located in the Garhwal district of Uttrakhand.
It is a part of the Gangotri Group of Garhwal Himalaya ranges 
Trisul I7120 metresThe name of this mountain peak is taken from the weapon of Lord Shiva.
It is one of three mountain peaks located in the Kumaon Himalaya in Uttrakhand.
northern mountains of india
Highest Mountain Peaks in India

State-wise Highest Mountain Peaks in India

Arma KondaEastern GhatsAndhra Pradesh1680 m
KangtoEastern HimalayaArunachal Pradesh7060 m
Someshwar FortWest Champaran DistrictBihar880 m
Bailadila RangeDantewada DistrictChhattisgarh1276 m
SonsogorWestern GhatsGoa1166 m
GirnarJunagadh DistrictGujarat1069 m
Karoh PeakMorni HillsHaryana1467 m
Reo PurgyilWestern HimalayaHimachal Pradesh6816 m
ParasnathParasnath HillsJharkhand1370 m
MullayanagiriWestern GhatsKarnataka1930 m
AnamudiWestern GhatsKerala2695 m
DhupgarhSatpuraMadhya Pradesh1350 m
KalsubaiWestern GhatsMaharashtra1646 m
Mount IsoSenapati DistrictBorder of Manipur and Nagaland2994 m
Shillong PeakKhasi HillsMeghalaya1965 m
PhawngpuiSaiha DistrictMizoram2157 m
Mount SaramatiNaga HillsNagaland3826 m
DeomaliEastern GhatsOdisha1672 m
Guru ShikharAravalli RangeRajasthan1722 m
KanchenjungaEastern HimalayaSikkim8586 m
DoddabettaNilgiri HillsTamil Nadu2637 m
Doli GuttaDeccan PlateauBorder of Telangana and Chhattisgarh965 m
BetalongchhipJampui HillsTripura930 m
Amsot PeakShivalik HillsUttar Pradesh945 m
Nanda DeviGarhwal HimalayaUttarakhand7816 m
SandakphuEastern HimalayaWest Bengal3636 m

Important Mountain Peaks

Nanga Parbat:

  • Ninth highest peak of the world located in the PoK, just near the Indus Gorge (8126m)
  • Forms western terminus of the Himalayas
  • First climbed by Austrian climber Hermann Buhl on 3 July 1953

Godwin Austin (K2):

  • 2nd highest peak of the world located in the central part of the Karakoram Range
  • Known as the Savage Mountain due to the difficulty of ascent, second highest fatality rate after the Annapurna
  • Never been climbed in the winter


  • Second highest peak of Uttarakhand located north of the Gangotri Glacier, near the border with Tibet.
  • Lies in the Chamoli district.
  • A peak of the Great Himalayas near the Mana Pass

Nanda Devi:

  • Highest peak of Uttarakhand between the Milam Glacier and the Pindar Glacier
  • Part of the Nanda Devi National Park
  • Second highest peak of India (excluding PoK )


  • Lies in the Gangotri region of Garhwal Himalayas (Uttarakhand).
  • It is located in the Gangotri National Park.
  • The River Alaknanda originates in this peak.


  • Situated in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.
  • It is one among the peaks which surround the Nanda Devi peak.


  • It lies in India-China border (Arunachal Pradesh).
  • It is also known as Kanggardo Rize.
  • Located on the Eastern Himalayas along the borders of the Autonomous region of China, Tibet and India.
  • It is the source of the Pachuk river which is a tributary of the River Kameng.

Guru Shikhar:

  • Highest peak of the Aravallis and Rajasthan.
  • Located at a distance of 15km from Mount Abu.
  • Home to the temple of Dattatreya, an incarnation of the Lord Vishnu.
  • Adjacent to the temple is the Mt. Abu Observatory


  • Highest peak of the Satpura Range located in the Mahadeo Hills near Pachmarhi (1350m.)
  • Rock structure is basaltic with abundance of slate, schist and granite deposits
  • An important tourist spot


  • Located in the southeastern part of the Garhjat Hills, is the highest peak of the hills
  • Located between the Brahmani and Baitarni rivers
  • Rich in metallic minerals


  • Peak of the Eastern Ghats located near Behrampur in the district of Gajapati, Orissa
  • Highest peak of Orissa located near the border with Andhra Pradesh


  • Highest peak of the Nilgiri Hills in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu
  • 35km north of Otty
  • A popular tourist attraction with road access up to the summit
  • There is an observatory at the top with two telescopes
  • Shola forests over its slopes

Anai Mudi:

  • Located in the state of Kerala, it is the highest peak of the Western Ghats as well as of the South India, also highest outside the Himalayas in India
  • It literally means ‘Elephant Forehead’
  • Located at the junction of the Palni Cardamom and Annamalai hills, in the southern part of the Eravikulam National Park


  • Highest peak of the Sahyadris in Maharashtra
  • To reach the summit there are various trekking routes and animal tracks
  • At the summit a small temple of Kalsubai is located


  • Largest hill station in the Sahyadri Range of Maharashtra
  • Located in the Satara district,with the height of 1438m.
  • Due to its high altitude it has cool climate

Namcha Barwa:

  • Eastern anchor of the Himalayas located in Tibet near the Indian border where the Brahmputra bends
  • Easternmost mountain in the world over 7600m. high


  • With the height of 3826m. it is the highest peak of the Purvanchal Hills located in the Naga Hills, near the border with Myanmar
  • Snow covered during the winter
  • A popular trekking destination

Blue Mountain:

  • Also known as Phawngpui is the highest peak of Mizoram (2156m.) near the Myanmar border
  • With spectacular trees and flowers of all colours it presents a fairytale view of the blue hazed hills
  • The area is encircled by matted bamboo groves and other alluring vegetations

Saddle Peak:

  • A twin peaks with a distinct saddle between them, is the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar
  • Located in the North Andaman Island
  • It is 732m. high
  • Part of the Saddle Peak National Park


  • Highest peak of the Rajmahal Hills, located in the northeast Jharkhand
  • An important Jain temple devoted to Parasnath
  • Archaean rock deposits of iron and manganese are found in this region


  • It is located at the border of Tamil nadu and kerala.
  • The Thavirabarni River originates from the eastern side of the hill.
  • The hill is part of the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary.
  • Surrounding region has been declared the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve.

Saltoro Kangri:

  • It is located at the Line of control.
  • Its elevation is 7,742m above the sea level.
  • In 1984 India assumed military control on the peak.

Abi Gamin:

  • Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.
  • Abi Gamin is separated from Kamet by a high saddle known as Maede’s col.
  • The famous Mana pass and Niti pass are located here.

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