Important Cities of India

Important Cities of India
Important Cities of India

Ranipet :

  • Located in Tamil Nadu near Vellore
  • Modest beginning of chemical fertilizer industry in India began here in 1906, when a superphosphate factory was set up here
  • Victim of serious groundwater pollution

Sindri :

  • Located in the Dhanbad district of Jharkhand
  • Known for a large chemical fertilizer plant set up by the Fertilizers Corporation of India (FCI) in 1951
  • It also has a cement plant
  • First fertilizer plant in India to produce Ammonium Sulphate, Urea and Ammonium Nitrate Sulphate

Aonla :

  • Located near Bareilly in the Rohilkhand Division of UP
  • Known for the production of chemical fertilizers from gas
  • Gas pipeline laid from Ankaleshwar to Aonla

Kalol :

  • Located in the Panchmahal district of Gujarat
  • Known for oilfields and fertilizers plant based on gas
  • Kalol and Halol are parts of a SEZ

Bijapur :

  • Located in the northwestern part of Karnataka, is a historical and industrial city
  • Gol Gumbaz: world’s second largest dome unsupported by pillars
  • Industry- sugar, textiles, cement
  • Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of Mohammad Adil Shah

Jagdishpur :

  • Located in the Sultanpur district of UP
  • Industries –Gas-based fertilizers, BHEL, paper
  • HBJ pipeline provides it the gas
  • There is a plan to connect it with Haldia through a gas pipeline

Dalmiapuram :

  • Located in the Tiruchirapalli district of Tamilnadu, 40 km away from Trichy
  • Hometown of the renowned Dalmia Cements
  • The region is rich in limestone deposits

Kanti :

  • Industrial city of eastern MP
  • Cement factory, ordanance factory
  • Located on the bank of the Katni River
  • One of the largest railway junctions in India
  • Famous for its abundance in lime and bauxite
  • Has the largest Rail Yard and biggest Diesel Loco Shed in India

Churk :

  • Located in the Sonbhadra district of UP
  • Owing to its limestone hills a cement factory was established here in 1956

Dalmianagar :

  • One of the oldest and biggest industrial towns in India, located on the bank of the Son River in the Rohtas district of southwestern Bihar
  • City was founded by Ramkrishna Dalmia, the founder of the Dalmia group

Japla :

  • Industrial town of Jharkhand in the Palamau district, near the border with Bihar
  • Known for the production of cement
  • Factory is located at Deori

Shahabad :

  • A town in the Gulbarga district in Karnataka
  • Known for the Shahabad Stones
  • Cement companies- Alstom Projects India Ltd. and Jaypee Cements

Chaibasa :

  • Located in the West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand near the Orissa border
  • Known for the cement industry
  • India’s first entirely indigenous cement plant was established in 1947 here itself operated by the ACC

Jamul :

  • Industrial town located near Bhilai in the Durg district of Chhattisgarh
  • Most important cement plant of the state
  • Established in 1965
  • Operated by the ACC

Siju :

  • Located in Meghalaya
  • Famous for the Siju Caves
  • Also has a cement plant

Firizabad :

  • Industrial city of UP
  • Known for its glass factories and bangle making
  • Founded by Firoz Shah Tughlug
  • During ancient periods, invaders brought many glass articles in India

Mirzapur :

  • Industrial city of UP in its southeastern part, just south of Varanasi
  • Located on the right bank of the Ganga
  • Known for carpets, blankets, brassware, pottery
  • Located on the Delhi- Kolkata rail line

Moradabad :

  • Industrial city of UP located in the Rohilkhand Division west of Rampur
  • Founded in 1625 by Rustam Khan, a Mughal general
  • Known for its inlaid brass work and electro-plated non-silver cutlery
  • Because of brass industries, it is known as Peetalnagri (Brass City)

Bhadohi :

  • Small industrial town of UP, located west of Varanasi
  • Headquarters of a new district
  • Known for ‘Carpet-making’
  • Other industries : sari-making, agro-based industries

Khurja :

  • Industrial town of western Uttar Pradesh, located south of Bulandshahr
  • Known for ceramic industry and pottery
  • Known as the Ceramic City
  • Lot of air pollution due to coal based Chimneys

Sivakashi :

  • Located in the Virudhnagar district of Tamilnadu
  • Capital of India’s firecracker industry
  • Also known for printing and match making
  • Ill- famous for employing children

Ahmadnagar :

  • Industrial city of Maharashtra located on the bank of the Sina River, a tributary of the Godawari
  • Industries- sugar, cotton, textile
  • Largest sugar producing centre of Maharashtra

Sakarwadi :

  • Industrial city of Maharashtra located north of Ahmadnagar
  • Sugar producing plant
  • Located in the Satara district
  • Mr. Apte from Pune established first private sugar factory of Maharashtra in the 1930s here

Rawalgaon :

  • Industrial town of Maharashtra near Nasik
  • Known for the sugar industry

Chandaonagar :

  • Industrial city of Maharashtra to the north of Ahmadnagar, known for the sugar industry

Mandya :

  • Industrial city of southern Karnataka located between Mysore and Bengaluru
  • Industries- sugar, silk, match, fertilizers
  • Hoysala and Somnathpura temples are great attractions
  • The Mysore Sugar Factory is located at the city

Sakkarnagar :

  • Industrial city of the Telangana Plateau near Nizamabad, known for the sugar industry as the name suggests
  • Nizam Sugar Factory- Once it was one of the largest sugar factories in Asia

Modinagar :

  • Industrial city of western UP just 30 km away from Delhi
  • Industries: sugar, textiles, petrochemicals
  • Located in the Ghaziabad district
  • Best known as the home of Modi Mills

Ankapalli :

  • Industrial city of Andhra Pradesh, located near Vishakhapatnam known for the sugar industry
  • Located on the bank of River Sarada
  • Largest source of jaggery in southern India and the second largest in India

Solapur :

  • Industrial and historical city of southern Maharashtra
  • Seat of Chalukya and Yadava dynasties
  • Known for bedsheets

Kolhapur :

  • Industrial city of southern Maharashtra, on the bank of the Panchganga
  • Was a centre of Buddhism
  • Industries- cotton textiles, leather goods, chemicals
  • Location of the Temple of Mahalakshmi
  • Was a princely state

Satara :

  • Industrial and historical city of southern Maharashtra
  • Industries- cotton textile, sugar, scooter
  • Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani are located near the city
  • Shivaji Sagar and Koyna Dam are few km west of it

Vadodra :

  • Located between the Mahi and the Narmada rivers
  • Old capital of Maratha Gaekwar family
  • Jawaharnagar Refinery produces feed- stock for pharmaceuticals
  • A million plus city

Surat :

  • A million plus city and industrial and historical city of Gujarat located on the bank of the Tapi River
  • Has old tradition of trading through its port
  • Known for diamond – cutting and jewellery

Rajkot :

  • The main city of Saurashtra in the centre of the Kathiawar Peninsula
  • A million plus city
  • Industries –sugar, textile, pharmaceuticals
  • Located on the banks of the Aji and Niari rivers
  • Was the capital of the then Surashtra State

Indore :

  • Largest city in MP located in the Malwa Plateau
  • Known as ‘Mini Bombay’
  • A million plus city
  • Old capital of Holker Maratha family
  • Industries: Cotton textile, soya, pharmaceuticals
  • Located on the bank of the Sipra River

Dewas :

  • Important industrial city of MP, located between Indore and Ujjain
  • Industries-Cotton textile, soya processing
  • Seat of two princely states during the British Raj
  • Known for the Bank Note Press

Hoshangabad :

  • Important industrial town of MP, located on the southern bank of the Narmada to the south of Bhopal
  • Industries- Paper, pulp, textiles
  • Earlier called as Narmadapur
  • Known for the Security Papers Mill
  • Famous for beautiful Sethani Ghat along the banks of the Narmada

Jabalpur :

  • Important industrial city of eastern Madhya Pradesh, located on the bank of the Narmada
  • A million plus city, seat of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh
  • Mainly known for defence related industries
  • Headquarters of the West Central Railway

Satna :

  • Important industrial city of eastern Madhya Pradesh
  • Known for cement industry
  • A border city touching Uttar Predesh
  • Asia’s biggest cement factory known as ‘Prism Cement’ is in Satna

Coimbatore :

  • Important industrial city of Tamilnadu located in the Palghat region on the bank of the Noyil River
  • Known as ‘the Manchester of South India’
  • A million plus city
  • Has the Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology

Titagarh :

  • Important industrial city of West Bengal on bank of the Hoogly River
  • Known for jute and paper industries
  • Has 9 mills of jute

Budge Budge :

  • Industrial city of West Bengal on the bank of the Hoogly River near Haldia
  • Known for jute textile industry and paper and pulp
  • Has 8 mills of jute

Risra :

  • Industrial town in the Hoogly Valley of West Bengal, near Titagarh
  • Modern jute industry started here in 1855
  • Petrochemical industry

Serampore :

  • Industrial town of West Bengal on the bank of the Hoogly River, near Titagarh
  • Known for jute industry

Kakinara :

  • Industrial town of West Bengal on the bank of the Hoogly River, near Titagarh
  • Known for jute textile and paper industries

Naihati :

  • Industrial town of West Bengal on the bank of the Hoogly River
  • Known for jute textile and paper industries

Cuttack :

  • Important industrial city of Odisha located at the apex of the Mahanadi Delta
  • Industries – jute textile, sugar, handicrafts
  • Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI)
  • The former capital and the commercial capital of Odisha
  • Has famous Katak Chandi Temple

Tumkur :

  • Industrial town of Karnataka, located northeast of Bengaluru
  • Industries- silk, cotton and woolen textiles

Belgaum :

  • Important industrial and historical city located in northwestern Karnataka near the border with Maharashtra
  • Industries- cotton and woolen textiles,

Kodagu :

  • Important commercial and historical city of southern Karnataka
  • Known for trade of coffee, cardamom
  • Largest coffee producing region of India
  • Tourists are attracted to this former princely state of Coorg and pilgrims come here to bathe in the Hemavati River

Murshidabad :

  • Important industrial and historical city of West Bengal located along the border of Bangladesh
  • Once it was made capital of Bengal by its Nawab, has a palace of the Nawab
  • Industries: Cotton, woolen and silk textiles

Anantnag :

  • Situated along the bank of the Liddar River
  • Second largest city of the Kashmir Valley
  • Industries: silk, carpet, gabbas
  • Sulphur springs are known for medical value
  • Route to Amarnath passes through it

Baramula :

  • City of Kashmir Valley, situated on the bank of the Jhelum River near the LoC
  • Third largest city of Kashmir Valley after Srinagar and Anantnag
  • Industries: woolen, silk, gabba, namada

Udhampur :

  • City of Jammu and Kashmir just north of Jammu city
  • Headquarters of the Indian Army’s Northern Command
  • Also has the Forward Base Support Unit (FBSU)of the Indian Air Force

Dhariwal :

  • Industrial city of Punjab near Amritsar, in the Gurdaspur district
  • Largest centre of woolen textile in the state
  • Main station on the Amritsar- Pathankot rail line
  • Gurudwara Burj Sahib is just 1 km away from the station

Ludhiana :

  • Important industrial city of central Punjab
  • A million plus city
  • Industries – Cotton, woolen and silk textiles and hosiery
  • Largest centre of hosiery manufacturing in India

Rajahmundry :

  • Main city of the East Godawari district of Andhra Pradesh
  • Central Tobacco Research Institute is located
  • A collection centre of rice and salt

Bellary :

  • Historical and industrial city of Karnataka near border with Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
  • Bellary region has good reserve of iron ore
  • Has a sixteenth century fort
  • Industries – sugar, textiles

Hassan :

  • Important city of Karnataka
  • It has the Master Central facility (MCF) of ISRO
  • Belur, Halebidu and Shravanbelagola are located in the vicinity

Anjar :

  • Important town of the Kachchh region of Gujarat, near Kandla
  • Capital of Kachchh thrice in the past
  • Badly affected the earthquake of 2001, in which the the old fortified town was shattered

Lavasa :

  • Located near Pune, is the first hill station of independent India
  • The river has been dammed to create scenic lake
  • Built principally for tourism, hospitality and leisure
  • Only pollution – free industries will be allowed

Munabao :

  • A village in the Barmer district bordering Pakistan
  • Thar Express runs through it and connects Khokrapar town in Pakistan
  • Reopened in February 2006

Avadi :

  • Located in Thiruvallur district of Tamilnadu
  • Avadi is an acronym for ‘Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India’
  • About 23 km northwest of Chennai
  • Has divisions of IAF, Indian Army, CRPF, Navy etc.
  • T-72 tanks are produced

Alwar :

  • Located in the northeastern part of Rajasthan between Delhi and Jaipur
  • Comes under the NCR of Delhi
  • Known for the Sariska NP and Tiger Reserve
  • Kho- Dariba copper mines are located nearby it

Gorakhpur :

  • Located on the bank of the Rapti River, is an important city of northeastern Uttar Pradesh
  • Headquarters of the North- Eastern Railway Zone
  • Industries- fertilizers, sugar, printing press

Hubli :

  • Important industrial city of western Karnataka located between Dharwad and Gadag
  • Headquarters of the South- Western Railway
  • Industries- cotton and woolen textiles
  • Twin city of Dharwad- Together they form the second largest urban agglomeration of Karnataka

Secunderabad :

  • Twin city of Hyderabad, just north of Hyderabad
  • Established by the British as their cantonment on the outskirt of Hyderabad
  • Headquarters of the South- Central Railway Zone

Bilaspur :

  • Second most important city of Chhattisgarh located on the Mumbai-Kolkata railway line
  • Headquarters of the South- East Central Railway Zone and the seat of the High Court of Chhattisgarh

Udaipur :

  • Located on the NH-8 (old numbering) and Delhi -Mumbai rail line is the most important city of southern Rajasthan
  • Old capital of a princely state
  • Known for palaces, lakes and luxury hotels
  • Industries- Zinc smelting, fertilizers, cement, marble

Pokhran :

  • Located in the Thar Desert on the NH-11 between Phalodi and Jaisalmer
  • Nuclear testing site of 1974 and 1998, conducted by India
  • Pokhran means ‘the place of five mirages’
  • Located between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer

Ganganagar :

  • Northernmost city of Rajasthan located near the border with Pakistan and Punjab, on the NH-11
  • Known as ‘the Granary of Rajasthan’
  • Main industries- cotton textile, sugar
  • Benefited by the Indira Gandhi Canal

Dimapur :

  • Main commercial hub of Nagaland
  • A gateway to Nagaland and Manipur
  • Important military centre
  • Only city of Nagaland which is connected by both rail and air

Pinjore :

  • A unit of HMT is located here
  • Tractor production
  • Breeding centre of vultures
  • Located in the Panchkula district of Haryana
  • Yadvindra Gardens are great attraction

Mawsynram :

  • Located in the Khasi Hills, 22 km west of Cherrapunji
  • Receives highest average rainfall in the world due to its funnel shaped topography
  • Inhabited by the Khasi tribes
  • The region is ecologically degraded bue to of shifting cultivation

Cherrapunji :

  • Located in the southern part of the Khasi Hills in Meghalaya
  • Receives one of the highest rainfalls in the world
  • Inhabited by the Khasi tribes and shifting cultivation has degraded the ecology

Kargil :

  • Located near the LoC
  • Kargil district is the only Muslim majority district of the Ladakh region
  • Known for the Kargil War, 1999

Dras :

  • Border town located in the Kargil district
  • Often called as ‘the gateway to Ladakh’
  • The coldest inhabited place in India
  • Has the Dras War Memorial

Mandsaur :

  • Located in western MP near the border with Rajasthan to the southwest of the Gandhi Sagar
  • Largest amount of opium production in India
  • Tourist places: Pashupatinath Temple, Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary, Mandsaur Fort

Anand :

  • Important industrial city of Gujarat located between Vadodara and Ahmedabad on the NH-8
  • Birth place of the White Revolution in India
  • Known for the Anand Milk Union Ltd. (AMUL )

Leh :

  • Largest city of the Ladakh region located on the bank of the Indus River
  • Represents a typical culture of Ladakh and Buddhists
  • Has so many Buddhist monasteries
  • Attracts large number of tourists
Major Cities of India

Amarnath Caves :

  • Located on the Greater Himalayas in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir
  • The cave has limestone topography and a natural Shivling is formed
  • Accessible by the Pahalgam and Baltal (Sonmarg) routes
  • Thousands of pilgrims visit to have a Darshan of the Shivling

Bhatinda :

  • Important industrial city of southwestern Punjab, located in the Malwa region
  • Named after the Bhati Rajput kings
  • Attractions : Two thermal power plants, a fertilizer plant, a large oil refinery, the Qila Mubarak Fort

Nangal :

  • Small city of Punjab located on the bank of the Satluj, downstream of the Bhakra Dam
  • The Nangal Dam and an HEP plant are located
  • Has a nitrogenous fertilizer plant

Nasik :

  • A million plus city of northwestern Maharashtra
  • Maha Kumbh Mela
  • Indian Army School of Artillery
  • Printing and Security Press

Diamond Harbour :

  • Located on the bank of the Hoogly River in the South 24 Parganas district
  • It was a stronghold of Portuguese pirates
  • A minor port, to which the West Bengal is considering to upgrade and expand
  • A popular tourist destination

Asansol :

  • Second million plus city of WB located along the Damodar River
  • Raniganj, Kulti, Burnpur , Durgapur, Chitranjan and Jayaknagar, all lies in its vicinity
  • An important industrial centre
  • Also known as an important educational and Bengali cultural centre

Malegaon :

  • Located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra at the confluence of the Girna and Mausam rivers
  • A major textile producing centre
  • Shot into news because of a serial bomb blasts that took place on 8 September 2006

Itarsi :

  • Located to the south of Hoshangabad in MP
  • One of the star railway junctions of India
  • Geographical centre of the country
  • Tawa Dam and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary are located in the vicinity
  • Economic acticities: Ordanance factory, soya oil mills, plywood

Guntur :

  • Important industrial city of AP, located at the head of the Krishna Delta, just south of Vijaywada
  • Located on NH-16 and the Chennai-Kolkata main rail line
  • Known for sugar, cement and leather goods
  • Largest market (mandi ) of chilly in Asia

Vijaywada :

  • It lies on the banks of Krishna river surrounded by the hills of Eastern Ghats known as Indrakeeladri Hills.
  • A million plus city –Second largest city of Andhra Pradesh after Vishakhapatnam
  • Often referred as ‘the Business Capital of Andhra Pradesh’
  • Industries :Automobile body building, garment

Jalandhar :

  • Third largest city of Punjab after Amritsar and Ludhiana, located on the NH-1 midway between Ludhiana and Amritsar
  • Has big cantonment and military air base
  • Known for sport goods, musical and surgical equipments

Meerut :

  • A million plus city of western UP, to the northeast of Delhi
  • History – Start of 1857 Freedom Struggle, Meerut Conspiracy
  • Located on the Delhi- Saharanpur rail line
  • Known for sports goods

Jamnagar :

  • Important industrial city of Gujarat near the Gulf of Kachchh
  • Industries – Oil refinery, petro- chemicals, textiles
  • Jamnagar Refinery of the Reliance Industries is the largest refinery of India

Koyali :

  • Located near Baroda (Vadodara) in Gujarat
  • Largest public sector refinery of India, operated by the IOC
  • Most efficient oil refinery of IOCL
  • Present day capacity is 13.70 MMTPA

Bina :

  • Important industrial town of MP near Sagar, located at the right side of the Betwa River
  • Important railway junction of central India
  • An oil refinery is being developed

Mathura :

  • Important historical, religious and industrial city of western UP, located on the bank of the Yamuna.
  • Reputed as the birth place of the Lord Krishna, Vrindavan just north of it
  • Has an oil refinery

Kanpur :

  • Largest city of UP located on the bank of Ganga.
  • Known as ‘the Manchaster of North India’
  • Industries- cotton, woollen textiles, leather, sugar
  • A million plus city

Kharagpur :

  • Located near Medinipur in West Bengal.
  • Known for its IIT
  • Largest railway platform in India
  • Chennai-Kolkata and Kolkata- Mumbai main rail lines pass through it

Latur :

  • Important city of Maharashtra, located on the Balaghat Range, on the bank of the Manjira River
  • Suffered the earthquake of 1993
  • Industries- sugar, cotton textiles

Lothal :

  • Ancient city of the Indus Valley Civilization, located in the Kheda district of Gujarat near the Gulf of Khambhat
  • It was a port city and a trading centre
  • Famous tourist destination

Ropar :

  • Also known as Rupnagar
  • Located in eastern Punjab on the bank of the Satluj
  • Ancient city during the Harappan Civilization
  • Nangal city and dam are located near to it

Madhubani :

  • Located in the northern Bihar near the Nepal border, west of the Kosi River
  • Known for the famous Madhubani Paintings
  • It is the cultural heart of Mithilanchal, being the birth place of many literary people and home to Madhubani Paintings.

Nizamabad :

  • Important industrial and historical city of northern AP.
  • Industries- sugar, paper, cotton textile
  • Nizam Sagar is located in the vicinity

Nagpur :

  • Winter session of Maharashtra Legislature
  • Most important city of the Vidarbh region of Maharashtra, located north of the Nag River, a tributary of the Wainganga where the NH-6 and the NH-7 intersect each other
  • Site of the NEERI
  • A million plus city
  • Known for Nagpur oranges and bananas

Pampore :

  • situated on the eastern side of river Jehlum on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway
  • Known for saffron, almond, walnut and apricot
  • Has a solar energy centre

Raichur :

  • Important industrial and historical city of Karnataka located between the Krishna and the Tungabhadra rivers
  • Famous for the wars during the time of the Vijaynagar Empire in the Raichur Doab

Ranchi :

  • Capital and industrial city of Jharkhand, located on the bank of the Subarnarekha River
  • HMT and other heavy engineering industries
  • A million plus city according to the census -2011
  • Known for the hospital of mentally disturbed people
  • Often called as the Manchester of the East
  • Referred as the ‘City of Waterfalls’ – Dasham, Hundru, Jonha, Hirni, Panchghat falls are near to it.

Dhanbad :

  • Industrial city of Jharkhand, located between the Barakar and the Damodar
  • Industries : Iron and steel, fertilizers, cement, heavy engineering goods
  • A million plus city
  • Coal mining centre and zinc smelter
  • Jharia coal mines lie very close to it
  • Sites of Indian School of Mines and Central Fuel Research Institute

Aligarh :

  • Important industrial, historical and educational city of western UP in the Ganga- Yamuna Doab
  • Known for the Aligarh Muslim University
  • Famous traditionally for lock – making and printing

Silchar :

  • Important city of southern Assam located in the Surma Valley
  • The region is agriculturally productive and has tea plantations
  • Headquarters of the Cachar district
  • About 90% resident are Sylhetis
  • Trading and processing of tea, rice and other agricultural products

Solan :

  • Important city of southern HP, located between Kalka and Shimla
  • Kalka- Shimla Railway passes through it
  • Has diversified industries
  • Known as ‘the mushroom city of India’
  • Also known for brewery – Mohan Meakin Brewery (India’s oldest brewery)

Dehradun :

  • Capital of Uttarakhand located in the southwestern part of the state
  • An academic and learning centre
  • Institutions : Forest Research Institute, ONGC, Indian Petroleum Research Institute, Wadia Instiute of Himalayan Geology
  • Also has Indian Military Academy and the Doon School

Surendranagar :

  • Industrial city of Gujarat, located between Ahmedabad and Rajkot, west of the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
  • Called as the Gateway to Saurashtra
  • Industries – cotton textiles, groundnut processing

Uttarkashi :

  • City of northwestern Uttarakhand, located on the bank of the Bhagirathi River
  • Routes to Gangotri and Yamunotri pass through it
  • Had suffered a major earthquake
  • Located on the Great Himalayas

Junagarh :

  • Important industrial and historical city of southern Saurashtra
  • Gir NP lies in the vicinity
  • Located at the foot of the Girnar Hills
  • Earlier it was a princely state
  • Favourite place for tourists

Kasauli :

  • Located in the Solan district of HP
  • A small cantonment town
  • Home of the Kasauli Brewery – the highest brewery and distillery in the world
  • Established in 1842 as a hill station by the British
  • Has Central Institute for Medical Research (CIMR)

Saharanpur :

  • Important industrial and religious city of northwestern UP
  • Founded in 1340 and named after Sufi Saint Shah Haroon Chisti
  • Industries – paper, sugar
  • Has Institute of Paper Technology, Sericulture Research and Fruit Research Institute and Aviation Training Centre

Baraily :

  • Important city of UP located between Delhi and Lucknow in the Rohilkhand
  • Founded in 1537 by the Mughal governor Makrand Ray, later became capital of Rohillas
  • Involved in the 1857 uprisings
  • Industries- sugar, gas- based fertilizer

Rae Baraeli :

  • Important industrial and historical city of UP, in the Ganga- Gomati Doab
  • Situated on the bank of the Sai River
  • Has many architectural features
  • Nearby town Lalganj will host a new Railway Coach Factory

Naini :

  • A satellite town of Allahabad
  • Has the Naini Jail – Nehru was jailed here
  • Located on the bank of the Yamuna
  • Has many educational institutions and some important companies

Ratlam :

  • Important industrial town and railway junction on the Delhi-Mumbai railway line
  • Has a railway workshop
  • Located few kms south of the Tropic of Cancer

Jorhat :

  • Important city of the Upper Assam Valley, located south of the Majuli Island
  • The last capital of the Ahom Kingdom
  • Known as ‘the Cultural Capital of Assam’
  • Has been the principal place of pilgrimage of Vaishnovites

Tinsukia :

  • Important city of the Upper Assam Valley, northwest of Digboi
  • The region is rich in oil and coal
  • There is an oil refinery

Kangra :

  • Located on the Dhauladhar Range in HP, north of the Pong Reservoir
  • Has a number of temples visited by large number of devotees

Gwalior :

  • Most impotant northern city of MP.
  • A million plus city
  • Old capital of the Sindhiyas
  • Has the Gwalior Fort, Tomb of Tansen, Saas Bahu Temple etc

Bikaner :

  • Important industrial and historical city of the northern Thar Desert, located on the NH-15, and the NH-11 terminates here
  • Named after the founder of the city, Rao Bika, a Rajput chief,
  • Has Rjasthan Agricultural University
  • Wool collecting and camel breeding centre

Jodhpur :

  • Second largest city of Rajasthan, is a famous historical city on the Thar Desert
  • Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) is located here
  • Seat of a princely state with same name and the capital of the Marwar
  • Tourism for forts, palaces and temples
  • Known as the Sun City as well as the Blue City
  • A million plus city according to the census -2011

Jaisalmer :

  • Important historical city in the western Rajasthan, located on the NH-15
  • Desert National Park is situated in the vicinity
  • Nicknamed as ‘the Golden City’
  • Tourism is the major industry

Mysore :

  • Most important city of southern Karnataka
  • Second largest city of the state
  • It was the capital and princely state till 1917
  • Industries : Silk, sandalwood crafts
  • Tourist attractions: Royal Palaces, Giant Nandi, Krishnaraj Sagar Dam, Brindaban Gardens
  • Famous for the Dussehra Festival

Belur :

  • Located on the right bank of the Hugli River, about 20 km to the north of Haora, in WB
  • An important suburb of Kolkata
  • Well known for the Belur Math, the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission

Thanjavur :

  • Important city in the Kaveri Delta in TN
  • Brihadeswara Temple
  • Known for the craft industries
  • Dates back to the Sangam Age
  • Rose into prominence during the Later Cholas
  • Great Living Chola Temples – World Heritage Site

Yercaud :

  • A hill station near Salem in TN, on the Shevroy Hills
  • Tourism, agriculture (coffee)
  • Sandalwood, teak and silver oak are abundant
  • Summer Festival is held in May annually and is a cantonment town

Ranikhet :

  • A hill station and cantonment town west of Almora in Uttarakhand
  • Home of the Kumaon Regiment and Naga Regiment
  • The British established here in 1869, the headquarters of the Kumaon Regiment

Rajauri :

  • Border city of J&K near the LoC
  • Industry – silk
  • Strategically located
  • Part of Kambojas during the Mahabharata time

Poonch :

  • Important border city along the LoC
  • Part of Kambojas during the Mahabharata time
  • Pir Panjal separates the Poonch Valley from the Kashmir Valley
  • The Mughal Road connects it with the Kashmir Valley

Akhnoor :

  • Important border city along the LoC in the Jammu district
  • Located at the foot hills of the Himalayas
  • On the bank of the Chenab
  • Has caves, which were believed to be place of hiding for the Pandavas
  • Related story with cleaning of eye of Janhgir

Kupwara :

  • Important border city along the LoC
  • Tourist place – Lolab Valley, Sogam
  • Sogam is known for meadows, mountains, gushing waters and fresh air

Uri :

  • Important border city along the LoC, located on the bank of the Jhelum, in the Baramulla district of J&K
  • Suffered the Earthquake of 2005

Gulbarga :

  • Formerly part of Hyderabad state
  • Founded by the Bahmani Sultans in the 14th century as their capital
  • The Sharana Basaveshwara Temple is a major attraction to both Hindu and Muslim devotees

Jayak Nagar :

  • An industrial city of West Bengal located in the vicinity of Kolkata
  • Aluminium Corporation of India Ltd was formed here in 1937 which accelerated the growth of aluminium industry in India

Amritsar :

  • A million plus city of Punjab located at the Pakistan border
  • Founded in 1577 by Ram Das, the fourth Guru of Sikhs
  • Golden Temple
  • Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, 1919

Bhuj :

  • Most important city of the Kachchh region
  • Earthquakes – 1819- Allah Bund formed
  • and in 2001- 30,000 people died
  • Established by Rao Hamirji in 1510
  • Capital of an old princely state

Pune :

  • A million plus city of Maharashtra located on the eastern side of the Sahyadris
  • Shivaji’s home and Maratha capital in 1750
  • Industries- Cotton textiles, automobiles
  • Hub of research and educational institutions
  • Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

Pushkar :

  • Located at 14 km northwest of Ajmer
  • One of the five sacred dhams of Hindus
  • Often called as the Tirth Raj
  • Lies on the shore of the Pushkar Lake
  • Home of many temples
  • Known for the Pushkar Fair

Trichy :

  • Important city of TN located at the start of the Kaveri Delta
  • Chola fortified town in the second century and known to Greek geographer Ptolemy

Itanagar :

  • Capital of Arunachal Pradesh
  • Has a fourteenth century fort, a Buddhist temple and Arunachal University

Dispur :

  • Capital of Assam, located 5 km to the south of Guwahati
  • University of Guwahati
  • Industries: paper, tea, coal marketing

Kohima :

  • Capital and historical city of Nagaland
  • Inhabited mainly by the Angami tribes
  • NH-2 connects it with Dimapur and Imphal
  • Burial place of the British soldiers died in the World War –II

Aizawl :

  • Capital and primate city of Mizoram, located on the Mizo Hills
  • Known for the Lushai Culture
  • Dampa WLS is located in the vicinity

Agratala :

  • Capital of Tripura located near the Bangladesh border on the Haroa River, a tributary of the Meghna
  • Industries: Rice processing, tea
  • The Jagannath Temple has a shape of four storeyed shikhara

Gangtok :

  • Capital and the largest city of Sikkim
  • Located on the Siwalik Hills
  • Centre of Buddhist culture
  • Centre of Sikkim’s tourism industry
  • Has the Enchey Monastery built in 1840

Port Blair :

  • Capital and the largest city of Andaman and Nicobar located in the southeastern part of the South Andaman Island
  • Base of the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard
  • Has the famous Cellular Jail

Kavaratti :

  • Capital of Lakshadweep on the Kavaratti Island
  • A favourite tourist place
  • India’s first low temperature desalination plant (LLTD) was opened here in May 2005
  • Has an OTEC plant

Silvassa :

  • Capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  • Has a number of factories and industries
  • Home of the Warli Culture
  • Naturally a beautiful place

Panaji :

  • Capital of Goa, located on the bank of the Mandovi River on the Tiswadi Island
  • NIO is located here
  • Panaji means “land that never floods”

Gandhinagar :

  • Located on the bank of the Sabarmati, north of Ahmedabad
  • Capital of Gujarat
  • Home to MNCs, thermal power plant, the Akshardham Temple
  • Planned by H.K. Mewada and Prakash Apte

Bhubaneswar :

  • Located on the Mahanadi Delta,
  • The capital and a religious city of Odisha
  • Famous for the temple architectures
  • Dates back to the third century BC, when it was the capital of the Kalinga Empire
  • Has University of Agriculture and Technology , Utkal University , Tribal Research Institute

Raipur :

  • Capital and the largest city of Chhattisgarh located on the bank of the Kharun River, a tributary of the Mahanadi
  • Founded in the fourteenth century by Rai Brahma Deo of the Ratanpur Dynasty
  • Located on the NH-6 and Mumbai-Kolkata main rail line

Jammu :

  • Largest city in the Jammu region and the winter capital of the state
  • Known as ‘the City of Temples’
  • Vaishno Devi is located in the vicinity

Srinagar :

  • Largest city and capital of J&K
  • Located on the bank of the Jhelum
  • Largest city in India without a Hindu majority
  • Famous for lakes, house boats, handicrafts, gardens,dry fruits etc

Diu :

  • Located on the Diu Island’s eastern edge
  • Site of the Battle of Diu in 1509
  • Known for fortresses and Portuguese Cathedral
  • Tourist destination
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