• The hominid fossil record is one of the best known and most complete of any mammal. The oldest fossil hominid in South Asia is an archaic Homo sapiens from Hathnora on the Narmada River, near the famous palaeolithic site at Hoshangabad.

Hominid Fossil Sites


  • A village located on the northern bank of the river Narmada in Sehore district, MP.
  • A fossilized fragment skull cap along with some fossils of vertebrates and a Acheulian tools was found by Arun Sonakia.
  • The skull fragment belonged to a woman about 30 years old who represented an advanced variety of Homo erectus.
  • A hominid clavicle (collar bone) along with animal fossils and palaeolithic tools found by A. R. Sankhyan.
  • Two sets of human fossils found may belong to the same woman.
  • Estimated dates:- 0.5 to 0.2 mya.


  • Situated in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu.
  • P. Rajendran found a fossilized human baby skull dated in the middle or upper Pleistocene.
  • The age of fossilised baby skull is 1.66 lakh years old.
  • It is the first ever discovered human fossil within the ferricrete.
  • Rajendran was excavating a trench which had microliths in the upper levels and upper palaeolithic tools at the lower ones.


  • In Pune district, Maharashtra.
  • Two human mandibles of an adult male and female Homo sapiens found by H. D. Sankalia and S. N.
  • Rajaguru on the bank of the Mula-Mutha river.
  • Its age is uncertain.


  • In Raisen district, MP.
  • An adult male found by V. S. Wakankar in a cave at Bhimbetka.
  • Its age is uncertain.
Hominid Fossil Sites

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