The original text of the Indian Constitution consisted of 22 parts and after amendments, currently, it contains 25 parts. Three parts – 9A Municipalities, 9B Co-operative societies and 14A tribunals – are added to the original constitution via amendments.

The 25 parts of the Indian Constitution are tabled below:

Parts of the Indian ConstitutionSubject Mentioned in the PartArticles in Indian Constitution
Part IUnion & Its TerritoryArticle 1-4
Part IICitizenshipArticle 5-11
Part IIIFundamental RightsArticle 12-35
Part IVDirective PrinciplesArticle 36-51
Part IV AFundamental DutiesArticle 51A
Part VThe UnionArticle 52-151
Part VIThe StatesArticle 152-237
Part VIIThe States in Part B of First Schedule
Note: 7th Amendment Act, 1956 repealed Part 7
Art-238 [Repealed]
Part VIIIThe Union TerritoriesArticle 239-242
Part IXThe PanchayatsArticle 243-243O
Part IX AThe MunicipalitiesArticle 243P-243ZG
Part IX BCo-operative SocietiesArticle 243ZH-243ZT
Part XScheduled and Tribal AreasArticle 244-244A
Part XIRelation between Union & StatesArticle 245-263
Part XIIFinance, Property, Contracts and SuitsArticle 264-300A
Part XIIITrade, Commerce and Intercourse within the territory of IndiaArticle 301-307
Part XIVServices under the Union and StatesArticle 308-323
Part XIV ATribunalsArticle 323A-323B
Part XVElectionsArticle 324-329A
Part XVISpecial Provisions relating to certain classesArticle 330-342
Part XVIIOfficial LanguagesArticle 343-351
Part XVIIIEmergency ProvisionsArticle 352-360
Part XIXMiscellaneousArticle 361-367
Part XXAmendment of the ConstitutionArticle 368
Part XXITemporary, Transitional and Special ProvisionsArticle 369-392
Part XXIIShort title, Commencement, Authoritative Text in
Hindi and Repeals
Article 393-395

Part V : The Union (Article 52-151)

Chapter I – The ExecutiveArticle 52 to 78
Chapter II – ParliamentArticle 79 to 122
Chapter III – Legislative Powers of PresidentArticle 123
Chapter IV – The Union JudiciaryArticle 124 to 147
Chapter V – Comptroller and Auditor-General of IndiaArticle 148 to 151

Part VI : The States (Article 152-237)

Chapter I – GeneralArticle152
Chapter II – The ExecutiveArticle 153 to 167
Chapter III – The State LegislatureArticle 168 to 212
Chapter IV – Legislative Powers of GovernorArticle 213
Chapter V – The High CourtsArticle 214 to 232
Chapter VI – Subordinate CourtsArticle 233 to 237

Part XI : Relations between the Union and the States (Article 245-263)

Chapter I – Legislative RelationsArticle 245 to 255
Chapter II – Administrative RelationsArticle 256 to 263

Part XII : Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits (Article 264-300A)

Chapter I – FinanceArticle 264 to 291
Chapter II – BorrowingArticle 292 to 293
Chapter III – Property, Contracts, Rights, Liabilities, Obligations and SuitsArticle 294 to 300
Chapter IV – Right to PropertyArticle 300A

Part XVII : Official Language (Article 343-351)

Chapter I – Language of the UnionArticle 343 and 344
Chapter II – Regional LanguagesArticle 345 to 347
Chapter III-Language of the Supreme Court, High Courts, and so onArticle 348 and 349
Chapter IV-Special DirectivesArticle 350 and 351

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