• The Sattriya Classical Dance form was introduced in the 15th century A.D by the great Vaishnava saint and reformer of Assam, Mahapurusha Sankaradeva as a powerful medium for propagation of the Vaishnava faith.
  • Sattriya is a classical dance of India, tracing its roots to ancient drama and music texts of India, particularly Bharata Muni‘s Nātya Śāstra.
  • The creation of Sattriya Nritya by Sankardeva was an accompaniment to the Ankiya Naat (a form of Assamese one-act plays devised by him), which were usually performed in the sattras, as Assam’s monasteries are called.
Sattriya classical dance 
Sattriya classical dance 
  • The Sangeet Natak Akademi recognized Sattriya Nritya as an official classical dance of India in 2000. Sattriyas are now performed on world’s stages.

Salient Features of Sattriya Classical Dance

  • The dance incorporates different elements from various treatises, local folk dances prevalent in Assam, mainly Ojapali and Devadasi.
  • Conventionally, this dance form was performed only by male monks (also known as Bhokots) in monasteries as part of their daily rituals or to mark special festivals .
  • In the modern days, Sattriya is performed on stage by women and men, who are not members of sattras, on themes not merely mythological.
  • Sattriya Nritya is divided into many genres: Apsara Nritya, Behar Nritya, Chali Nritya, Dasavatara Nritya, Manchok Nritya, Natua Nritya, Rasa Nritya, Rajaghariya Chali Nritya, Gosai Prabesh, Bar Prabesh, Gopi Prabesh, Jhumura, Nadu Bhangi, and Sutradhara,among others.
  • Sattriya Nritya is performed with musical composition called borgeets (composed by Sankardeva among others) which are usually based on classical ragas.
  • Sattriya dance tradition is governed by strictly laid down principles in respect of hastamudras, footworks, aharyas, music etc.
  • The dance tradition has developed into two distinctly separate streams- the Gayan-Bhayanar Nach and the Kharmanar Nach.
  • The dress is typical of Assam as the silk that are worn are produced in Assam, woven with meticulous designs.

Sattriya Proponents

  • Maniram Datta Moktar, Bapuram Bayan Attai, Ghana Kanta Bora, Jatin Goswami, Indira PP Bora etc

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