• The Painganga River (also known as the Penganga River) is the chief river of the Buldhana district, Hingoli district, Nanded district, Yavatmal district, Chandrapur district and Washim district in the Maharashtra state in India.
  • It is deeply entrenched and difficult to navigate. It rises in the Ajantha range and is a major tributary of the Wardha River, the other major river in the district.
  • Wardha River flows into Pranhita River which in turn flows in to Godavari river, which finally ends into the Bay of Bengal just east of Rajahmundry in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Tributaries:
    • The Penganga River’s tributaries include the Adan, Kas, Arunavati, Kayadhu, and Pus Rivers.
  • Isapur Dam:
    • There are two dams being constructed on the river, namely Upper Painganga and Lower Painganga. This dam is also known as Isapur Dam.
Painganga River & Isapur Dam

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