• Machchhu River (Machchhu nadi) is a river in Gujarat, with its origin in the Madla hills in the Surendranagar district of Gujarat and ends 141.75 km downstream in the Rann of Kutch.
  • Its basin has a maximum length of 130 km (81 mi). The total catchment area of the basin is 2,515 km2 (971 sq mi).
  • The river is also occasionally transliterated as Machhu River. This is one of the North flowing rivers of Saurashtra.
  • The river Machhu originates from the hill ranges of Jasdan Sardar and Mandva in Rajkot district and Chotila in Surendranagar district and flows in North Westerly direction along the district boundry of Surendranagar and Rajkot upto village Beti and then flows mostly towards North in Rajkot district and finally disappears near Malia in the little Rann of Kachchh.
  • Machhu alongwith its tributarieis flows 52% in the hilly area and 48% in plain region.
  • The river fertilise Malia, Morbi, Wankaner, Jasdam and Rajkot taluks of Rajkot districts and part of Chotila taluk in Surendranagar district. Machhu drains an area of 2515 sq.km out of which more than 75% lies in Rajkot district.
Machchhu River


  • Left bank: Beti, and Asoi are left bank tributaries of Machchhu river.
  • Right bank: Jamburi, Benia, Machchhori, Maha are right bank tributaries of Machchhu river.
  • The drainage system on the right bank of Machhu is more extensive as compared to the left bank.
  • The Beti, Asoi, Machhori and Maha the 4 important tributaries together account for nearly 42.52% of the total catchment area of Machhu.
  • Maha, the principal tributary rises from Rampura in Chotila taluk of Surendranagar district and drains in North Western direction and fertile Surendranagar and Rajkot districts and joins main stream Machhu about 1.6 km downstream of Panchaisa village.
  • Machhori the another important Tributari also rises from Chotila taluka and drains towards North direction and meets the main stream about 8.5km downstream of Wankaner in Rajkot district.
  • Asoi Tributari rises from the hilly region of village Vanjhara of Wankaner taluka and drains towards North direction and meets the main stream just upstream of village Derali.


  • Dams: It has two dams to augment irrigation to alleviate droughts in Saurashtra.
    • Machchu Water Resource
    • Machchu-2 Water Resource
  • In 1979, Machchu dam, situated on the Machchu river, failed sending a wall of water through the town of Morbi.
Major Dams in Gujarat
Major Dams in Gujarat
Gujarat River Map
Gujarat River Map
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