• Aliyar reservoir located in Aliyar village near Pollachi town in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, South India. The dam is located in the foothills of Valparai, in the Anaimalai Hills of the Western Ghats.
  • The Aliyar Dam was constructed during 1959-1969 across the Aliyar river, mainly for irrigation purposes.
    • Aliyar Dam was inaugurated on 2 October 1962 (Gandhi Jayanti day) by then Prime minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, K Kamaraj, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
    • The project was commissioned in September 2002 to generate Hydro Electric Power.
  • Aliyar lake receives water from Upper Aliyar Reservoir through the hydroelectric power station in Navamali and the Parambikulam reservoir through a contour canal.
  • Aliyar dam, built as a part of Parambikulam aliyar project (PAP), retains a large reservoir.
  • This project consists of a series of dams interconnected by tunnels and canals for harnessing the waters of the Parambikulam, Aliyar, Sholiyar, Thunakadavu, Thekkadi and Palar rivers, flowing at various elevations, for irrigation and power generation.

Aliyar River

  • Aliyar is one of the tributaries of the river Kannadipuzha.
  • Kannadipuzha is one of the main tributaries of the river Bharathapuzha, the second-longest river in Kerala, south India.
    • Other tributaries of the river Kannadipuzha:
      • Palar
      • Aliyar
      • Uppar
  • Its source is the Aliyar dam in Aliyar near Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.
Aliyar Reservoir & Aliyar River

Bharathappuzha River

  • Bharathappuzha (“River of Bhārata”), also known as the Nila or Ponnani River, is a river in India in the state of Kerala.
  • With a length of 209 km, it is the second longest river that flows through Kerala after the Periyar.
  • It flows through Palakkad Gap, which is also the largest opening in the Kerala portion of Western Ghats.
  • The Bharathappuzha is extensively dammed. Malampuzha dam is the largest among the reservoirs built across Bharathapuzha and its tributaries.
  • Other dams in the Bharathapuzha basin are Walayar Dam, Mangalam Dam, Pothundi Dam, Meenkara Dam, Chulliyar Dam, Thirumoorthy, Aliyar, Upper Aliyar, Chitturpuzha regulator and Kanjirapuzha Dam.
  • Tributaries:
    • Thuthapuzha, Gayathripuzha, Kalpathipuzha, Kannadipuzha, Tirur River
Bharathapuzha River
Bharathappuzha River

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