• The Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare is implementing Beej Gram Yojana (Seed Village Programme) since 2014-15 to upgrade the quality of farmer’s saved seeds.
  • Key Objective: To upgrade the quality of farmer-saved seed, which is about 80-85% of the total seed used for crop production. Key Objectives of the Seed Village Program are-
    • Increasing the seed production,
    • Increasing the seed replacement rate,
    • Organizing seed production in cluster/compact areas, replacing existing local varieties with new high yielding varieties,
    • Self-sufficiency and self-reliance of the village in terms of quality seed production
    • To meet the local demand and timely supply of quality seeds.
  • Financial assistance for distribution of foundation/certified seeds is available for up to one acre per farmer, These seeds are distributed at
    • a) 50% of seed cost for cereal crops and
    • b) 60% for pulses, oilseeds, fodder and green manure crops.
  • The assistance will also be given to train the farmers on seed production and seed technology @ Rs. 15000/- for a group of 50-150 farmers.
  • To the encourage farmers to develop storage capacity of appropriate quality,
    • Assistance @ 33% subject to a maximum of Rs. 3000/- for SC/ST farmers and @ 25% subject to maximum of Rs. 2000/- for other farmers for procuring seeds storage bin of 20 qtl. capacity
    • Assistance @ 33% subject to maximum of Rs. 1500/- to SC/ST farmers and @ 25% subject to maximum of Rs. 1000/- for other farmers for making seeds storage bin of 10 qtl. capacity in the seed villages where seed village scheme is being implemented.
  • Implementing agencies: State Departments of Agriculture, State Agriculture Universities, KVKs, State Seeds Corporation, National Seeds Corporation, State Farms Corporation of India, State Seeds Certification Agencies, Dept. of Seed Certification.
  • One implementing agency will be identified for the area/locality and is to be authorized by the State Government.
  • Monitoring of the Beej Gram Yojana: The Seed Village Program will be monitored by the Seeds Division of the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation.
    • The implementing agencies will be required to send quarterly progress to the Seeds Division of the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation.

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