In this blog post, I am going to put Insightsonindia vs IASbaba comparison.

So If you’re looking for a Deep comparison between the two popular websites for UPSC, you’ve come to the right place.

Because in today’s post I am going to compare Insightsonindia vs IASbaba in terms of:

  • Features and initiatives
  • Current affairs magazine
  • Daily answer writing questions
  • Daily Quizzes
  • Test Series
  • Rstv debates Summaries
  • Revision Plan

Let’s do this!

Introducing: The Two Competitors

InsightsonIndia is more popular because they are an old player and gained reliability by their consistent hard work, IASBaba is relativity quite a new player in this field but they are also doing good.

Insightsonindia also refers to insights IAS is synonymous with UPSC civil services exam preparation. Insights has redefined the way preparation is done in the UPSC civil service exam.

Insights IAS is best known as a daily Answer writing practice website but over the years they are proving a lot of new things, for example, Test Series, Books, Rstv debates, etc.


Some initiatives of insights IAS:

  • Daily Current affairs
  • Daily Quiz (Current + Static)
  • Secure Initiative for Answer writing
  • INSTA 75 Days Revision Plan for UPSC Civil Services Prelims
  • Current Affairs Revision through Daily MCQs
  • Test Series
  • Rstv debates Summaries

IASbaba is also a good platform for UPSC aspirants in civil service preparation and to actualize their dream.

IASbaba is best known for its ILP Notes but over the years they are also proving a lot of new things, for example, Test Series, e-Notes, Rstv debates, Monthly magazine, etc.


Some initiatives of IASbaba:

  • Daily Current affairs
  • Daily Quiz
  • Test Series
  • Rstv debates Summaries
  • Answer writing
  • 60 Day Plan for Prelims
  • ILP, TLP, PEP, Babapedia

Let’s see some technical features of both websites.

 Monthly VisitorsAlexa Rank
Insights IAS5-6 million6387
IASbaba1-1.5 Million23876
insights Alexa rank
IASbab Alexa rank

Which Magazine is better for UPSC IAS exam?

Insightsonindia and IASbaba both are providing monthly current affairs magazines at free of cost on their website. Both magazines cover more or less the same content because they use the same references as PIB, PRS, The Hindu, The Indian Express, and RStv debates, etc.

Both magazines tell you about the context of News, Prelims point of View, Mains point of view and some static portion if needed and conclusion (way forward).

So, You can choose any one magazine for your preparation as per your wish OR you can also use any one of them completely and some topics from another magazine which may not include the same magazine.

But please don’t use both completely because It will do duplicate your efforts.

Which website should we use for Answer writing?

As all of the toppers tells that answer writing is the most important thing to do daily in your entire UPSC CSE preparation because finally, the Mains exam will decide your rank in UPSC Exam.

Therefore, a lot of aspirants are confused that which website should we use for answer writing practice?

Let me tell you first that, UPSC will not use any website for making question papers, therefore, first of all, you should use the previous year’s question papers after that take two or three questions daily from any website and write your answers within the time limit.

You should write an answer for self-evaluation, content/knowledge gap, and improving your answer’s quality, NOT from this mindset that these questions will come in the upcoming UPSC exam.

For mains examination actually what we need is perspective and a basic understanding of issues and not the facts. You should be able to make an opinion and give suggestions for an issue for that you must refer to these resources on a daily basis.

  • RSTV
  • PIB, PRS
  • ORF debates on IR issues (selective)
  • All India Radio Discussions

Which website should we use for Prelims Quizzes?

For the Prelims examination width of knowledge, facts, etc are more important therefore you should use Both websites for your Prelims questions practice because quizzes will not consume much more time.

Full-length test series is very important for the Prelims examination, therefore, you should join any test series for UPSC Prelims preparation.

Which Test Series should you use, Insights or IASbaba?

As you know all, the Previous year’s question paper and Syllabus are of utmost importance for your IAS preparation therefore before taking the Test series you must attempt the Previous year’s question paper.

As we have said that UPSC will not use any website test series/resources for making question papers, therefore, you should not bother about the level of test series.

Certainly, IASbaba and InsightonIndia are one of the best test series available in the online space. You can choose any one of them.

You should take the test periodically and must do self-analysis and self-evaluation of given test series, and keep in mind You are taking the test series to practice yourself for the exam like conditions i.e. Psychologically, Time limit and Environment of that exam room.

Rstv debates Summaries

It is very important to develop your own perspective about any issue and developing your own perspective isn’t a piece of cake, therefore, you must watch RStv debates and ORF debates for IR issues and try to make your own notes with some add ons. I think after watching debates there isn’t a need to read the blog post of Insights or IASbaba on those debates. Always keep in mind throughout your UPSC preparation that I will not do a duplicate of efforts besides reading the blog post of the same you should do the revision of your previous notes and then try to add some extra points/value on those topics.

Revision Plan

As a convention, all toppers say that revision is the most important key to your entire preparation. that doesn’t matter how much you read if you can’t recall those things at the right time. Therefore all of you must prepare your own strategies to revise things. And yes, you can take help from the revision plan of Insightsonindia or IASbaba.

Important things to Remember

  • Mains ready before prelims
  • Notes on each and every topic of the UPSC syllabus
  • Sufficient answer writing practice
  • Complete optional before prelims
  • Take test periodically (Test series)
  • Minimum Resources maximum Revision
  • Sufficient essay writing practice
  • Confident in ethics paper
  • Persistence, Perseverance, Consistency, and Hard work is the key to success.
  • Self-analysis and self-evaluation periodically

Way forward

Insightsonindia vs IASbaba: Both Insightsonindia and IASbaba are good. But from the discussions with toppers what I get to know is that, please don’t depend much on websites like insights, IASbaba. Because they are giving too much information and over-accumulation of data is going to affect you badly. I have seen many aspirants follow many sites and just copy-paste everything that they have given and at last, they won’t get time to revise all these. So, what I would suggest is that use these websites very wisely, read the newspaper (The Indian Express or The Hindu), watch RSTV debates, listen to AIR news and make your own notes and revise it.

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Nice Post, You really give informative information. Thanks for sharing this great article.


Could you also let us know if ILP program by IAS Baba any good ? I need crisp,to the point notes for prelims