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Sociology Optional – Topic-wise Question Papers [Paper-1 ]

1. Sociology – The Discipline 
  1. From the viewpoint of growing importance of multidisciplinary, how do you relate sociology to other social sciences? (2021)
  2. How is Sociology related to common sense? (2021)
  3. How did the Intellectual forces lead to the emergence of Sociology? Discuss (2020)
  4. In the Context of globalization, has the scope of Sociology been changing in India? Comment (2020)
  5. Discuss the historical antecedents of the emergence of Sociology as a discipline. (2019)
  6. The focal point of sociology rests on interaction. How do you distinguish it from common sense? (2018)
  7. “The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relationship between the two in a society.” – C.W.Mills. Explain. (2018)
  8. Explain how sociology has emerged as a distinct discipline based on rationality and scientific temper. (2017)
  9. Discuss the changing equations of discipline of sociology with other social sciences. (2017)
  10. “Sociology is pre-eminently study of modern societies.” Discuss. (2016)
  11. Is sociology common sense? Give reasons in support of your argument. (2016)
  12. How had enlightenment contributed to the emergence of Sociology? (2015)
  13. Write short answer of the following in about 150 words: How did the emergence of industrial society change the family life in Western Europe? (2014)
  14. Write short answer of the following in about 150 words: How is sociological approach to human actions different from that of psychological approach? (2014)
  15. “Sociology emerged in Europe and flourished to begin with on social reformist orientation in the U.S.A.” – Comment. (150 words) (2013)
  16. Compare and contrast Sociology with Anthropology. (2013)
  17. How did the French revolution and Industrial revolution play an important role in the emergence of Sociology? (2012)
  18. Write short note on Emergence of Sociology is an outcome of modernity and social change in Europe, keeping sociological perspective in view. In about 150 words. (2011)
  19. What can Sociology show us about our actions? Discuss the practical significance of Sociology (2011)
  20. “Sociology without History is rootless and History without Sociology is fruitless.” Elaborate (2010)
  21. Write short note on Comparison between Sociology and Economics (2009)
  22. How is emergence of sociology linked with modernization of Europe (2008)
  23. Short note: Intellectual background for the emergence of sociology. (2006)
  24. Write short note: Sociology and its relationship with economics and political science (2005)
  25. Write short note: Sociology as an interpretative discipline. (2001)
  26. Write short note: Sociology and social anthropology. (2000)
  27. Write short note: Sociology as a by-product of Industrial Revolution. (1999)
  28. Write short note: Intellectual sources for the rise of Sociology. (1994)
  29. Write short note: Ideology and the emergence of sociology. (1993)
  30. Had the French Revolution anything to do with the emergency of Sociology in Europe? Make a critical study. (1989)
  31. Explain the basic premises of the anti-positivist attack on sociology. Do you agree with these? Substantiate your answer. (1988)
  32. Do you agree with the view that sociology can never be a science? What limitations need to be taken into consideration in the scientific study of social phenomena? (1984)
2. Sociology as Science
  1. Do you think ethnomethodology helps us in getting reliable and valid data? Justify your answer. (2021)
  2. How far are sociologists justified in using positivist approach to understand social reality? Explain with suitable illustrations. (2021)
  3. Methodology is a system of rules, Principles and procedures, which forms scientific investigation. Comment. (2020)
  4. Phenomenological perspectives in Sociology reject many of the assumption of positivism, Comment. (2020)
  5. Is Sociology a Value -free Science? Discuss. (2020)
  6. Is non-positivistic methodology scientific? Illustrate (2018)
  7. Does scientific method make Sociology a science? Illustrate your answer with Durkheim’s method. (2018)
  8. Explain with examples, the explanatory and exploratory designs of social research (2018)
  9. Examine ethnomethodological and phenomenological perspectives as critique of positivism (2017)
  10. Examine the basic postulates of positivism and post-positivism. (2017)
  11. Elaborate the main tenets of interpretative perspective in sociology (2017)
  12. What is ‘value-free sociology’ ? Clarify (2016)
  13. Describe the basic postulates of scientific method. How far are these followed in sociological research ? (2016)
  14. Is Sociology a Science ? Give reasons for your answer? (2015)
  15. Discuss the relevance of historical method in the study of society ? (2015)
  16. “Non-positivistic methodology is essential for understanding human behaviour.” Discuss. (2015)
  17. Write short answer of the following in about 150 words : How is objectivity different from value neutrality ? Discuss with reference to Weber’s views on methodology. (2014)
  18. In what way ‘interpretative’ method is different from ‘positivist’ approach in the study of social  phenomena ? (2014)
  19. Critically examine positivistic approach in sociological studies. (150 words) (2013)
  20. Write short note on the following, keeping sociological perspective in view : Interpretative Sociology. (2012)
  21. Write short note on the following, keeping sociological perspective in view : Fact Value and Objectivity (2012)
  22. Write short note on Fact and Value, keeni,, sociological perspective in view. In about 150 words. (2011)
  23. Write short note on Serendipity. (2010)
  24. Comment on the reasons why neo-idealists and symbolic interactionists are critical of ‘positivism’ in Sociology (2009)
  25. Write short note on Problems of objectivity in sociological research (2009)
  26. Write short note : Role of values in sociological enquiry (2008)
  27. Write short note : Sociology as a science of society. (2007)
  28. Write short note : Social research design. (2005)
  29. Objectivity and Value Neutrality in Social Research. (2004)
  30. Highlight the problem of objectivity and valueneutrality in Social Research. Elaborate, with suitable examples, the limitations associated with the tools of measurement in Social Science Research. (2003)
  31. Write short note : Theory and Fact. (2002)
  32. Write short note : Sociology as a science. (2002)
  33. Write short note : Problem of objectivity in social research. (2000)
  34. Write short note : Value neutrality in social science (1998)
  35. Write short note : A good hypothesis (1997)
  36. Is it possible to study social phenomenon scientifically? Give a critical answer. (1997)
  37. Write short note : Value – free sociology (1996)
  38. Write short note : Methods of science and sociology (1995)
  39. Write short note : Comparative method in Sociology. (1994)
  40. Write short note : Significance of objectivity in sociological research. (1993)
  41. Write short note : Design of sociological research. (1992)
  42. Write short note : Methods of scientific investigation (1991)
  43. Write short note : The problem of objectivity (1991)
  44. Discuss the nature and character of voluntary associations. What is their importance in developing societies ? (1990)
  45. Write short note : Bearing of research on theory (1988)
  46. Write short note : The problem of objectivity in Sociology. (1986)
  47. Write short note : Research Design (1985)
  48. Write short note : Sociology as a science of society. (1985)
  49. Write short note : Rapport and objectivity in social science research. (1984)
3. Research Methods & Analysis
  1. Discuss the challenges involved in collecting data through census method (2021)
  2. How do qualitative and quantitative methods supplement each other in sociological enquiry?   (2021)
  3. Analyse the strengths and weakness of social survey method in social research. (2020)
  4. Discuss the importance and source of hypothesis in social research. (2020)
  5. Explain the probability sampling strategies with examples. (2019)
  6. Bring out the significance of Ethnography in social research. (2019)
  7. Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative techniques of data collection with suitable examples from Indian society. (2018)
  8. Illustrate with example the significance of variables in sociological research. (2017)
  9. Examine epistemological foundations of qualitative methods of social research. (2017)
  10. How can one resolve the issue of reliability and validity in the context of sociological research on inequality? (2017)
  11. Analyze the importance of qualitative method in social research. (2016)
  12. “Hypothesis is a statement of the relationship between two or more variables.” Elucidate by giving examples of poverty and illiteracy. (2016)
  13. “Participant observation is the most effective tool for collecting facts.” Comment. (2016)
  14. What are variables? Discuss their role in experimental research. (2015)
  15. Examine the problems of maintaining objectivity and value neutrality in Social Science research? (2015)
  16. Why is random sampling said to have more reliability and validity in research? (2015)
  17. Write short answer of the following in about 150 words: In what way biographies could be used to study social life ? (2014)
  18. Which research technique would be most suitable for the study of consumer behaviour and its social correlates ? Explain (2014)
  19. Analyse the limitations of quantitative methods in social research. (2013)
  20. Write short note on the following, keeping sociological perspective in view : Comparative method. (2012)
  21. Differentiate between the qualitative and quantitative methods in Research. (2012)
  22. Write short note on Reliability and Validity, keeping sociological perspective in view.  (2011)
  23. What is subjective method in social research ? Examine Focus Group Discussion (FGD) as a technique for data collection, with suitable examples (2011)
  24. Write short note on Content Analysis. (2010)
  25. Write short note on Nomothetic and Idiographic Methods (2010)
  26. Distinguish between probability and nonprobability sampling methods. How many types of sampling designs are there ? (2009)
  27. Write short note : Importance and sources of hypotheses in social research. (2008)
  28. What is the importance of sampling in sociological studies ? Distinguish between simple random sampling and stratified random sampling (2008)
  29. Utility of Reliability and Validity in Social Research. (2003)
  30. What are the uses of Bogardus’ social distance scale and of Likert scale? Discuss (2002)
  31. Short note : Limitations of questionnaire as a technique of data collection. (1999)
  32. Write short note : Reliability of a sample. (1998)
  33. Write short note : Participant observation. (1990)
  34. Write short note : Measurement of Attitudes. (1989)
  35. Write short note : Experimental design. (1988)
  36. Write short note : Techniques of Data Collection. (1987)
  37. Write short note : Techniques employed in measuring attitudes. (1986)
  38. Write short note : Interview as a method of social research. (1985)