Tripura National Parks

Tripura National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries & Ramsar Sites Map
Tripura National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries & Ramsar Sites Map

Bison (Rajbari) National Park

  • The Bison (Rajbari) National Park is located in the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura.
    • Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary was established to restore the natural living habitat of India Bison (VU).
  • Gumti River originating from the Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary (in Tripura), separates the Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary (Clouded Leopard National Park) from Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary (Bison National Park).
  • Rudrasagar Lake (RS) is located between the Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary and the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Vegetation: Tropical semi-evergreen forest, savannah and bamboo forests.
  • Major Fauna: Indian Gaur, deer, Golden langurs.

Clouded Leopard National Park

  • Clouded Leopard National Park is a part of the Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary.
    • Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary is a woodland with an artificial lake with natural botanical and zoological gardens.
  • Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for clouded leopard (VU).
  • Clouded Leopard National Park was established in 2007.
  • Gumti River separates the Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary (Clouded Leopard National Park) from Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary (Bison National Park). It is the main source of water within the park.

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Tripura

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is located to south of Agartala and is famous for clouded leopard (VU)
  • Clouded Leopard National Park is located here.

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Bison (Rajbari) National Park is located in the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Major Fauna: Indian Gaur (Bison – VU), Hoolock Gibbon (EN), Golden Langur (EN), Capped Langur (VU).

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the southeastern corner of Tripura.
  • The sanctuary is named after the Gumti River, which flows through the region. 
  • The Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is adjacent to the Dumbur Lake, which is also known as the Gumti Reservoir. 

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Panisagar Sub-division of the North Tripura district in the state of Tripura.

Ramsar Sites of Tripura

Rudrasagar Lake

  • Rudrasagar Lake is situated in the Melaghar Block under Sonamura sub-division of Sipahijala district in Tripura.
  • It is an artificial lake built by an Ahom King – Lakshmi Singha, in memory of his father King Rudra Singha.
  • The Lake is also called Twijilikma and is a natural sedimentation reservoir.
  • It is a reservoir fed by three perennial streams discharging to the River Gomti. 
  • It is an ideal habitat for Three-Striped Roof Turtle (CR)
  • It is a buzzing tourist destination during the festival of Vijaya Dashami.

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