India Outline Map with State Boundaries

India Outline Map with State Boundaries
India Outline Map

India ranks the seventh biggest nation in the world in terms of geographical area. It is also the second-largest country in Asia and shares its international boundaries with countries like Burma, Bangladesh, China, Bhutan, Pakistan and Nepal. The country covers a total area of 3,287,240 sq km. The shoreline of the country also extends for over 7,517 km, and it is edged by the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean.

India is a republic which is made up of 28 states and eight union territories. The economy of the nation is quite diversified and consists of industries like conventional rural farming, contemporary agriculture, handicrafts, different types of current industries, and various other industries.

An Outline map of India helps you locate all the boundaries of the states in the country.

All the states and territories of the country can be divided into the following zones:

  • South Zone
  • North Zone
  • West Zone
  • East Zone
  • North East Zone
  • Central Zone