The tribal communities have always been very conservative in nature and wanted to retain features of their society. Indian tribal uprisings, rebellions, and movements were motivated by revolutionary ideas. After the interference in their way of living, diverse tribal communities from various regions of India led a revolt against the exploitative and discriminatory practices of the British Indian Government during the time of British rule.

List of Tribal Uprisings

YearTribal UprisingFeatures
1776Chuar Uprising Organised by aboriginal tribesmen of Midnapore, against land revenue demands and economic distress.
1778Pahariyas’ Rebellion It was headed by Raja Jagganath who led Pahariyas of Raj Mahal Hills against British expansion on their land.
1817Paika RebellionPaika Rebellion of 1817 is an armed revolt against the British by the Paikas of Khurda in Odisha. The rebellion took form and shape under the leadership of Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhara.
1816-1832Cutch RebellionAnti-British sentiments prevailed in the Cutch and Kathiawad areas. The struggle between the Cutch ruler, Rao Bharmal and the pro-Jhareja chiefs was at the root of the trouble.
1818-1831 and 1913Bhil UprisingIn the Western Ghats against the Company’s rule formed Bhil Raj. Reorganised again in 1913 under Govind Guru to fight for Bhil Raj.
1820–37Ho and Munda UprisingsBy Ho tribals led by Raja Parahat in Singhbhum and Chottanagpur region against new farming revenue policy. This later became the Munda rebellion.
1822-29Ramosi UprisingBy the Ramosi tribals of western ghats, under Chittur Singh against Britisher’s occupation of the region.
1829Koli UprisingThe tribals of Gujrat and Maharashtra revolted against the Company’s control in 1829, 1839, and again in 1844-48.
1832Kol RebellionTribals of Chottanagpur under Buddho Bagat revolted against Britishers and money lenders.
1837-56Khond RebellionTribals of hills from Tamil Nadu to Bengal led by Chakra Bisoi revolted against interference in tribal customs and the imposition of new taxes.
1855-56Santhal RebellionTribals of Bihar led by Sido and Kanhu against moneylenders and zamindars.
1868Naikada MovementTribals of Madhya Pradesh and Gujrat against British and caste Hindus to establish Dharma Raj.
1870sKharwar RebellionTribals of Bihar led by Bhagrit Majhi against revenue settlement activities.
1867Bhuyan and Juang RebellionsTribes of Keonjhar, Orissa revolted twice in 1867 and 1891.
1899-1900Munda RebellionTribals of the Chotanagpur area revolted under Birsa Munda against the ‘Dikus’.
1879-80Koya UprisingTribals of the eastern Godavari region led by Tomma Sora and Raja Annantyar revolted against the police and moneylenders.
1880sLasodia MovementSocial reformers like Surjibhagat and Govind Giri launched the ‘Lasodia Movement ‘ for social reforms amongst the Bhils of Mewar , Bagar and nearby regions in the later half of 19th century. Govind Giri founded ‘Sabhya Samaj’ in 1883 with view to organise Bhil community. He is considered as the propounder of ‘Lasodia Movement.
1910Bastar RevoltBy tribals of Jagdalpur against new feudal and forest levies.
1914-1919Tana Bhagat MovementTribals of Chottanagpur, led by Jatra Bhagat, and Balram Bhagat revolted against the interference of outsiders.
1921-22Chenchus UprisingTribals of Nallamalla Hills led by K. Hanumanthu revolted against the British forest laws.
1922-24Rampa RebellionLed by Alluri Sitaraman Raju of Koyas, Andhra Pradesh against British interference.

North Eastern Frontier Tribal Movement

YearTribal UprisingFeatures
1828-33Ahom’s RevoltIn Assam against non-fulfilment of Britishers’ promise to leave their region after the Burmese war.
1830sKhasis’ RevoltLed by Tirath Singh in the hills of Jaintia and Garo against the occupation of their region.
1830sSingphos’ RebellionIn Assam against occupation fo their region by Britishers.
1917- 19Kukis’ RevoltIn Manipur, against British policies of recruiting labour during World War.
1920Zeliangsong MovementBy tribes of Manipur against the failure of the British to protect them during Kuki violence.
1905-31Naga MovementBy tribals of Manipur, led by Jadonang against British rule and to form Naga raj.

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