Kashmiri Literature Syllabus: Paper-1

Section A
  • Genealogical relationship of the Kashmiri language: various theories.
  • Areas of occurrence and dialects (geographical/social)
  • Phonology and grammar:
    • Vowel and consonant system
    • Nouns and pronouns with various case inflections;
    • Verbs: various types and tenses.
  • Syntactic structure:
    • Simple , active and declarative statements
    • Coordination
    • Relativisation
Section B
  • Kashmiri literature in the 14th century (Socio-cultural and intellectual background with special reference to Lal Dyad and Sheikhul Alam)
  • Nineteenth century Kashmiri literature (development of various genres: vatsun; ghazal; and mathnavi).
  • Kashmiri literature in the first half of the twentieth century (with special reference to Mahjoor and Azad; various literary influences).
  • Modern Kashmiri literature (with special refernece to the development of the short story, drama, novel and nazm).

Kashmiri Literature Syllabus: Paper-2

Section A
  • Intensive study of Kashmiri poetry upto the nineteenth century:
    • Lal Dyad
    • Sheikhul Aalam
    • Habba Khatoon
  • Kashmiri poetry: 19th Century
    • Mahmood Gami (Vatsans)
    • Maqbool Shah (Gulrez)
    • Rasool Mir (Ghazals)
    • Abdul Ahad Nadim (N’at)
    • Krishanjoo Razdan (Shiv Lagun)
    • Sufi Poets (Text in Sanglaab, published by the Deptt. of Kashmiri, University of Kashmir)
  • Twentieth Century Kashmiri poetry (text in Azich Kashir Shairi, published by the Deptt. of Kashmiri, University of Kashmir)
  • Literary criticism and research work: development and various trends.
Section B
  • An analytical study of the short story in Kashmiri.
    • Afsana Majmu’a, published by the Deptt. of Kashmiri, University of Kashmir.
    • Kashur Afsana Az, published by the Sahitya Akademi
    • Hamasar Kashur Afsana, published by the Sahitya Akademi
  • The following short story writers only: Akhtar Mohi-ud-Din,  Kamil, Hari Krishan Kaul, Hraday Kaul Bharti, Bansi Nirdosh, Gulshan Majid.
  • Novel in Kashmiri:
    • Mujrim by G.N. Gowhar
    • Marun-Ivan Ilyichun, (Kashmiri version of Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Iiyich (Published by Kashmiri Deptt).
  • Drama in Kashmiri
    • Natuk Kariv Band, by Hari Krishan Kaul
    • OK Angy Natuk, ed. Motilal Keemu. published by Sahitya Akademi.
    • Razi Oedipus, tr. Naji Munawar, published by Sahitya Akademi.
  • Kashmiri Folk Literature:
    • Kashur Luki Theatre by Mohammad Subhan Bhagat, published by Deptt. of Kashmiri, University of Kashmir.
    • Kashiry Luki Beeth (all volumes) published by the J & K Cultural Academy.
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