Article 243S: Constitution and composition of Wards Committees, etc.

  • (1) There shall be constituted Wards Committees, consisting of one or more wards, within the territorial area of a Municipality having a population of three lakhs or more.
  • (2) The Legislature of a State may, by law, make provision with respect to —
    • (a) the composition and the territorial area of a Wards Committee;
    • (b) the manner in which the seats in a Wards Committee shall be filled.
  • (3) A member of a Municipality representing a ward within the territorial area of the Wards Committee shall be a member of that Committee.
  • (4) Where a Wards Committee consists of —
    • (a) one ward, the member representing that ward in the Municipality; or
    • (b) two or more wards, one of the members representing such wards in the Municipality elected by the members of the Wards Committee, shall be the Chairperson of that Committee.
  • (5) Nothing in this article shall be deemed to prevent the Legislature of a State from making any provision for the constitution of Committees in addition to the Wards Committees.

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