Famous TrialsChargesVerdict
Bahadur Shah Zafar; January 27, 1858 to March 9, 1858 in Red Fort (Delhi)treason, conspiracy, rebellion, and murder in 1857 revoltconvicted and exiled to Rangoon.
Surendranath Banerjea; May 4–5, 1883 in Calcutta High Courtcontempt of court, on his remarks in The Bengaleesent to civil jail for two years.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak; 1897, 1908, 1916provocative articles in Kesari18 months’ imprisonment (1897); 6 years’ exile to Mandalay and fine of Rs 1,000 for seditious writings (1908); no jail sentence was imposed (1916).
Aurobindo Ghosh and 37 others in Alipore Bombay Case Trial; 1908–09attempt to murder district judge of Muzaffarpurspent a year in jail as an undertrial prisoner.
V.D. Savarkar; 1910 and January 1911delivering infuriating speeches against British and procuring and distributing armstwo consecutive life transportations (50 years); the International Court of Arbitration at the Hague also held him guilty; spent 10 years in Andaman jail (1911–21).
Gandhi and Shankarlal Banker (publisher of Young India); 1922four inflammatory articles against the British in Young Indiasentenced to jail for 6 years; but set free in 1924.
31 communists in the Meerut Conspiracy Case; March 1929conspiracy against the Britishreceived sentences varying from 3 years to life sentence.
Bhagat Singh; June 1929throwing a bomb in Central Assemblyreceived transportation for life.
Bhagat Singh; July 1929killing police head constable, Saunderssentenced to death.
M.N. Roy; 1931-32conspiracy and seditionsentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment (later reduced to 6 years).
Shah Nawaz Khan, Prem Kumar Sehgal and Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon in the INA trials; 1945 at Red Fort, Delhiwaging war by murdering or abetment of murdersentences of transportation for life were remitted; but those of cashiering and forfeiture of arrears of pay and allowances were confirmed.

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