Anthropology Optional Question Papers (Topic-Wise)

Get PDF of Anthropology Optional Previous Years Question Paper with Topic-wise Question Papers.

  • Anthropology Optional Topic-wise PYQPs  1981-2021
  • Anthropology Optional Year-wise PYQPs  2013-2021

Topic-wise Previous Years Questions (Paper-1)

1.1 Meaning scope and development of Anthropology.

  1. Anthropology studies at the “micro” level, but aims at “macro” level theory. Elaborate. (1982)
  2. Anthropology is a source of values. Substantiate. (1982)
  3. Analyse the comparative method of the nineteenth century anthropology and its limitations as to the nature and purpose of social-cultural anthropology. (1983)
  4. Discuss how Anthropology is concerned with common humanity and universal values. (1983)
  5. Examine the influence of the humanistic tradition on the growth and development of anthropology. (1985)
  6. Write a note on Anthropology in the service of humanity.(1987)
  7. Discuss the relevance of anthropological approach in national character studies.(1987)
  8. Write a note on Background of Anthropological Comparison. (1989)
  9. Discuss the relevance of anthropological approach to national character studies. (1991) 
  10. Do you think it is possible to bring uniformity of method in the natural and social sciences ? Will it lead to advancement of anthropological research? (1993)                                                            
  11. Write a note on Holistic and atomistic approach.(1998)
  12. Critically examine the contribution of Anthropologists in the interpretation of symbols.(2011)
  13. Critically examine the role of anthropology in Contemporary India. (2014)
  14. Define Anthropology. Describe the major branches of Anthropology elaborating on any one branch. (2017)
  15. Write a note in 150 words on the Relevance of Anthropology. (2018)

1.2 Relationship with other disciplines:

History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Life Science, Medical Science, Earth Science and Humanities
  1. Identify the controversies around the relation between History and Social Anthropology. (200 words) (1981)
  2. In Anthropology, science and humanity converge. Examplify.(1982)
  3. Assess the relative strength of anthropological techniques for scientific study in social sciences.(1983)
  4. Write a note in 200 words on the relation of Anthropology to the social sciences.(1985)
  5. Write a note on Relationship between Social anthropology and History.(1986)
  6. Do you regard Social Anthropology as a Social Science or a humanistic discipline? Give reasons for you answer.(1986)
  7. Write a note on Prehistoric anthropology and its relation to other science.(1987)
  8. Write a note on Psychological anthropology.(1988)
  9. Write a note on Relationship between Social Anthropology and History.(1989)
  10. Discuss the relationship of anthropology with psychology and medicine.(1999)
  11. Write a note in 150 words on How do you situate Anthropology in Social Sciences ? (2013)
  12. Differentiate between Economics and Economic Anthropology. (150 words) (2013)
  13. Write a note in 150 words on differences between Social Anthropology and Sociology.(2016)
  14. Elaborate the scope of anthropology and elucidate the uniqueness in the field of other social sciences. (2021)

1.3 Main branches of Anthropology, their scope and relevance:

  1. Social-cultural Anthropology.
  2. Biological Anthropology.
  3. Archaeological Anthropology.
  4. Linguistic Anthropology
  1. Discuss the comparative method of cultural evolutionists, diffusionists and modern social anthropologists.(1982)
  2. Does structuralism in social anthropology coincide with that in linguistics ? Critically assess their analogy.(1983)
  3. What are the common aspects of structural anthropology and linguistics?(1985)
  4. Discuss the types of comparison in social anthropology.(1985)
  5. Write a note on Empiricism in social anthropology.
  6.  Write a note on New Physical anthropology(1985)
  7. Bring out the merits and demerits of different contributions on the methods of comparison in social-cultural anthropology.(1988)
  8. Write a note on Theme of Linguistic Anthropology.(1989)
  9. Write a note on ‘New Physical Write a note on ‘New Physical.(1989)
  10. Write a note on Linguistic anthropology. (1990)
  11. Write a note on Recent trends in psychological anthropology (1990)
  12. Write a note on ‘Classical’ Physical Anthropology (1991)
  13. Discuss the merits and demerits of different methods of comparison used in social-cultural anthropology. (1991)
  14. Write a note on Archaeological Anthropology (1992)
  15. Write an essay on the aims and scope of applied anthropology with special reference to India. (1992)
  16. Write a note on Social and cultural anthropology.(1994)
  17. Write a note on Action anthropology.(1995)
  18. Write a note on Medical Anthropology.(1996)
  19. What is cognitive approach ? Critically examine its implications in Sociocultural Anthropology. (1996)
  20. Write a note on Action anthropology.(1999)
  21. Write a note on Biological Anthropology.(2002)
  22. Write a note on Biological Anthropology.(2008)
  23. Write a note in 150 words on Linguistic Anthropology (2013)
  24. Write a note in 150 words on Major sub-divisions of Anthropology (2014)
  25. Write a note in 150 words on Archaeological Anthropology. (2015)
  26. Give an account of- the field methods used in the study of Archaeological Anthropology.(2018)
  27. Write a note in 150 words on the relationship between Linguistics and Social-Cultural Anthropology. (2019)
  28. How can synergising the core branches Anthropology reinvigorate the holistic spirit of the discipline? (2020)
  29. Mention the major branches of linguistic anthropology and discuss language use in social and cultural settings.(2021)
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