Geography Optional Booklist for UPSC

Physical Geography

1. Geomorphology- By Savindra Singh 2. Oceanography- By Savindra Singh 3. Climatology- By Savindra Singh 4. Environment Geography- By Savindra Singh 5. Biogeography- By Savindra Singh

Human Geography

Geographical thought by Majid Husain [Chapter 7,8,9,10,12] Geographical thought by R. D. Dixit [Chapter 1-8, Chapter 11] Geographical thought by Sudipta Adhikary [Chapter 11, Chapter 13-16] Human Geography by Majid Hussain Models and theories by Majid Hussain

Indian Geography

India a comprehensive geography – D.R. khullar Oxford Student Atlas latest edition (Recommended) /or Orient BlackSwan School Atlas India Year Book (latest edition) Indian Through Maps by LotusArise Economic Survey (for data and statistics) Yojana magazine Down to earth magazine Kurukshetra magazine