• The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is a country spread across the western Pacific Ocean comprising more than 600 islands.
  • Micronesia is made up of 4 Island States: Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk, and Yap.
  • It has a close shared cultural history with three other island regions: the Philippines to the west, Polynesia to the east, and Melanesia to the south—as well as with the wider community of Austronesian peoples.
  • The region has a tropical marine climate and is part of the Oceanian Realm. It includes four main archipelagos—the Caroline Islands, the Gilbert Islands, the Mariana Islands, and the Marshall Islands—as well as numerous islands that are not part of any archipelago.
Micronesia’s Geography
  • While this area is rather small, the islands stretch across an estimated 2,900 sq. km of sea, giving the nation the 14th largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the world.
  • EEZs grant countries special rights over marine resources up to 370 km from their coasts.
  • The Federated States of Micronesia shares its sea borders with other small island nations and territories in the Micronesia region like Guam, the Republic of Marshall Islands, Palau, Kiribati, and the Mariana Islands.
  • Its larger neighboring states — separated by large swathes of the Pacific Ocean — including the Philippines in the west, Hawaii in the east, Papua New Guinea and Australia to the south, and Japan to the north.