• The Hasdeo Aranya Region (Aranya means forest) lies in the catchment area of the Hasdeo river in North-Central Chhattisgarh. 
  • The Hasdeo Aranya forests are called the lungs of Chhattisgarh.
  • The Hasdeo River is a tributary of the Mahanadi river which originates in Chhattisgarh and flows through Odisha into the Bay of Bengal. 
  • The Hasdeo forests are also the catchment area for the Hasdeo Bango Dam built across the Hasdeo river which irrigates six lakh acres of land, crucial to a State with paddy as its main crop. 
  • Hasdeo Arand, a sprawling forest in the northern part of Chhattisgarh is known for its biodiversity and its coal deposits.
  • Besides, the forests are ecologically sensitive due to the rich biodiversity they offer and due to the presence of a large migratory corridor for elephants.
Hasdeo Aranya Region

Hasdeo River

  • Hasdo River rises at a height of 915 meter at a place near to Sonhat in the Sarguja district of Chhattisgarh.
  •  The Hasdo river covers a length of nearly 333 km to merge into the Mahanadi river on its left near to the  village Mahuadih.
  •  The total drainage area of the Hasdo river is 9,856 sq. km, which is about 6.96% of the Mahanadi basin area.
  • The principal sub tributary of the Hasdo River is  Gej River.
  • Hasdo River merge into the Mahanadi River in Chandarpur in Chattisgarh,  28 km before Mahanadi river reaches the Hirakud Dam.
  • Hasdeo Bango Dam is constructed across this river.
Hasdeo River