• The Barak Valley is located in the southern region of the Indian state of Assam. The region is named after the Barak river.
  • The Barak valley consists of three administrative districts of Assam – namely Cachar, Karimganj, and Hailakandi.
  • The main city of the valley is Silchar.
  • Barail is the only wildlife sanctuary of the Barak valley region.
    • The Asian elephant has already vanished from most of the valley.
  • The Patharia hills reserve forest of Karimganj is the habitat of many mammals and was recommended to upgrade as ‘Patharia hills wildlife sanctuary.
    • The southern part was also recommended as the ‘Dhaleswari’ wildlife sanctuary.
  • There has been continuous demand in Bengali-dominated Barak valley for separate statehood and for it being carved out from the Assamese-majority Brahmaputra valley post-NRC.
    • Barak valley is the most neglected part of Assam in terms of its infrastructure development, tourism sector, educational institutions, hospitals, IT industries, etc which is still lagging behind in comparison to Assam’s mainland Brahmaputra valley which have access to all of those facilities mentioned above.
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